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Benefits of Using a Professional Sarasota Carpet Cleaning Service

Clean carpeting is not just about esthetics, but about cleanliness and good air quality in the home or office.  Of course you want your carpets to look nice, but more importantly is how the carpet is affecting the indoor environment.  Carpet can act like a filter or trap for many of the particles that float through the air like dust, bacteria and synthetics.  These things remained embedded in the carpet, but the carpet can only hold so much.

The carpets must be vacuumed on a regular basis, but that is not enough.  Carpets must be cleaned regularly as well.  Many people have invested in a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machine, or rent one from the store.  Then there are professional carpet cleaning companies that can come in and do the work for you.  Each has its pros and cons, but there are many benefits to hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

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A professional service in Sarasota can be a great help in the preparation and refurnishing of a room.  Often times the carpet crew can help move the larger pieces of furniture out of the way for you, and then help to replace them after the job is complete.  This may be one thing to ask when hiring a service.

Another benefit is that you will not have to do the actual physical labor of cleaning the carpets.  The machine can be very heavy and cumbersome to load and maneuver.  It can be a very difficult process for anyone who has a chronic health concern, or even older or more delicate people.

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Professional carpet cleaners like MDS also know how to treat spots on the carpet and get out odors that a one-type-fits-all store cleaner cannot do.  Often times the service will come with a guarantee if the spots return in a certain period of time they can be retreated.  Since cleaning is what these people know how to do, they do it very well.  They know the tricks of the trade.

Why You Should Clean Your Carpets in Siesta Key To Avoid Allergies!

Having clean carpets in your home in Siesta Key is something that everybody wants, but the hassle of making the appointment, plus the cost, is something that we all tend to put off for as long as we can. Usually, people start thinking about getting their carpets cleaned when they see soiled areas or traffic lanes opening up where the carpet is been crushed and isn’t recovering, however, there are other more important reasons that you should clean your carpet much more often than just a few spills. Most manufacturers of carpeting recommend that a person steam clean their carpet at least once every 12 to 18 months, but that is just to maintain the carpet and its warranty, not for your good health. If allergies are a concern to you, or anyone in your home, then every six months would be a more prudent schedule for cleaning your carpets and here are some reasons why.

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According to the EPA, it’s possible for the air inside your home to be much more polluted than the outside air, and delete most Americans spend 90% of their time breathing that polluted indoor air. One of the worst contaminants of indoor air comes from cooking and cleaning in your kitchen,  where massive quantities of pollutants are created that then float throughout your house and settle down onto the surfaces in every other  room. These kinds of contaminants are particularly bad because they tend to be edible for bacteria, fungi, and dust mites, which then  live forever in your carpets consuming your pollution as food.BoyDoingHomeworkOnCarpet-300x200

And then there’s cigarette smoking, which deposits tar and smoke ash on your walls and furniture and carpet. Any of the 1000 chemicals in tobacco could cause strong allergic reactions in many people, and these types of pollutants tend to attract other dirt with their stickiness. Add a pet or two to this mix and you’ve got hair, dander, and other tracked in dirt, is now sticking to your carpet with tar and ash from cigarette smoke, all potentially allergy causing and even worse in your home.

For the reasons listed above, and many more, a person who either has allergies or doesn’t want to develop them, should have their carpets professionally cleaned every six months, and vacuumed  at least weekly, or more often in the case of pets and children, in order to keep their carpets healthy for all concerned.

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