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Our Very Special Method of Carpet Cleaning...

We don't just "wash" your carpet, or "steam clean" your carpet. We do both using our two specially designed machines just for this job! This very special carpet cleaning method takes more work because we basically clean your carpet twice. We use the first machine (the rotary shampoo machine) to thoroughly clean your carpet, and when we are finished, we use the 2nd machine (the steam cleaner) to rinse out the dirt, debris, germs, and pollen, extracting all of this material into our machine to be exposed of. This takes more time on our part, but the result is well work the effort.

You will find that very few carpet cleaning companies will go to this extreme effort. It takes more time and it is a lot more work for MDS technicians because they have to maneuver two machines on your carpet, take them in and out of the truck and keep them clean.This extra work is well worth it, we believe, as you will see when we use them at your home. The end result is a much more throroughly cleaned carpet.

Also important, it is less likely with this system that the spots will return in a few days or weeks because the carpet fibers are much much more thoroughly cleaned than with ordinary steam cleaning. This gets the dirt out, clear down to the base of the carpet where much of the dirt, stains, pollen, and bacteria hide. So give MDS a Try!

Why You It's Important to Remove Pet Urine From Your Carpet Often

One of the first things that you notice when you walk in a person's home is the smell, before you see anything. And, when that smell is the nasty smell of pet urine in a carpet, it can be quite appalling, plus embarrassing to the homeowner.  One of the things about our sense of smell is that when we smell the same smell day after day, we become desensitized and overlook that smell,  Then we  only notice new smells, it has to do with our survival in the wild. However, when a visitor comes to your home and gets hit by a strong pet urine odor they notice it right away.

People with allergies can sometimes have severe reactions to carpet full of pet hair, urine, and dander. And in addition, there are microscopic dust mites living in your carpet and eating all that organic matter. Dust mites can cause even worse allergic reactions than pet hair. People that suffer from asthma can actually experience breathing problems caused by the odors, dust mites, and other dander that have accumulated in dirty carpet. In this case you'll need to have your carpet cleaned by professionals using either a steam cleaner or hot water extraction equipment to make sure that all of the problems are completely eliminated.

While the odor of your carpet isn't necessarily the cause of allergies and asthma, it is usually an indication of a problem deep down in your carpet and many times that is bacteria and mold. The problem with bacteria and mold are the spores they release that can cause either constant irritation to the nose, eyes and lungs or an immediate allergic reaction like asthma or sneezing.

So if you have a  dog or cat that lives in your home, the best way to keep your home smelling fresh, and at the same time allergy free, you should have a regular schedule of cleaning your carpets professionally using a hot water or steam extraction system.

There are many benefits to keeping those carpets fresh. If you have carpet in your home a bi-yearly deep cleaning is recommended. The benefits to having your carpets professionally cleaned are many. If you have small children running around the house keeping your carpet fresh and germ free is very important to your children’s health. You wouldn’t want those little tikes crawling and playing on dirty floors.

Another health benefit from having your carpets cleaned is keeping those dust particles from flying around your home. Dust can cause many health problems and may also trigger attacks in people with asthma. Even if you and your family don’t suffer from asthma, a guest my come into your home and you wouldn’t want them to have an attack due to your carpets.

Professional deep cleaning in Desoto Lakes FL of your carpets can add years to its life. Keeping them clean will mean that you won’t have to replace your carpet as often. This alone will save you tons of money in the future. Even very dirty rugs can benefit from being cleaned. Most people try their best to prevent staining there floors but we all know that stains happen. Getting your carpet steamed clean will remove even the deepest and oldest stains. Before you make the decision to have your carpet replaced, contact a local cleaning company and have them look at it.

If you feel that you don’t have the time to have your carpets cleaned you might be surprised at how fast a cleaning crew can work. A professional cleaning team can quickly clean your carpet and be in and out of your home in a matter of a few hours. They will move all of your furniture and put it back for you leaving you to do nothing. Why not call today and have your carpets cleaned? You and your family will all enjoy having a fresh and clean floor to walk and play on.


Carpets are an important part of many homes and businesses. They are also one of the most frequently used home or business components because of the daily walking around on them that occurs (not to mention the various accidents that could happen on a carpet). Most carpeting fixtures do not require much work other than vacuuming and occasional carpet cleaning. Cleaning, when done by a professional, is one of the easiest ways to keep your carpet looking fresh and in a like new state. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner has many advantages including expert know how, professional equipment, ease of operation for you and guarantees.

A professional carpet cleaner like MDS Carpet Cleaning will have the knowledge and experience that is required to effectively and efficiently clean a carpet. They will know the different carpet types as well as the different methods for cleaning each specific type of carpet. They will not be likely to damage a carpet.

Professional commercial equipment is often more costly than equipment that can be bought at a local hardware or box store. It is also generally better at getting carpets clean than your average in home carpet cleaning machine would be. It is backed by industrial power and suction.

Picking up a phone, making an appointment and paying a professional is much easier than the steps it would take to clean a carpet on your own. The work can be back breaking for novices and can take a very long time. Hiring a professional like MDS Carpet Cleaning in Sarasota is quick, easy and painless.

While not all carpet cleaning services are guaranteed, most are. Many professional carpet cleaners will be insured and bonded to help you feel more at ease with the work that is being performed in your home. The guarantees will also give you peace of mind that professionals do better work.

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