Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning Sarasota FL

The first step in having your rug cleaned is the duster. Rugs pass through the machine and are agitated to remove all foreign matter. This includes dust, hair, sand, grit and other materials that build up with regular use. Next your rug will be washed by hand. Dye-locks are added and special attention is given as we wash the front side, back side and fringe. This deep immersion process cleans your carpet to the core.  Then your rug will be rinsed thoroughly of all cleanser. On exit, the rinsing machine squeezes all the excess water from the rug. Then comes the grooming process. The grooming re-aligns the rug fibers and fringe. Finally, the rugs are hung overnight to dry with the help of high-powered fans.

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