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Spot Treatment & Deodorizing - Sarasota, FL

Do you have embarrassing, smelly carpet stains that you just can’t get rid of with commercial products? Sometimes you don’t need to have your entire carpet cleaned. Sometimes you need professional help with spot cleaning. Stop trying to cover carpet stains with furniture or throw rugs and stop trying to mask lingering carpet odors with air fresheners. Rented steam cleaners are heavy, awkward to use and can contain dirt and bacteria from someone else’s carpet. Call a pro to make those nasty carpet stains go away so that your carpet looks and smells clean again.

Probably the most common cause for carpet spot cleaning is pet stains. Pet stains are among the hardest to eliminate. When your pet urinates on carpet, he or she can smell the lingering ammonia odor even if you think you’ve performed a thorough cleaning. As long as that ammonia odor remains, your pet feels that’s the spot to go. Repeated soiling of the same place leads to a bigger stain, and when pet urine soaks all the way down to the carpet padding, you need a professional cleaning to get all the way to the bottom of the carpet and pull out the stain and odor.

Other reasons to have your carpet professionally spot cleaned are red wine stains and oil stains. Oriental carpets and other expensive carpets require professional care to prevent damage and fading during cleaning. If you have ugly carpet stains, contact us today to get your carpet looking like new again.

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