Terrazzo Restoration Polishing & Waxing

Terrazzo Restoration Polishing & Waxing - Sarasota, FL

Terrazzo is a beautiful alternative to natural stone flooring that is economical as well. Blending marble chips with cement, the results are stunning in large or small spaces. In solid or tiled patterns, terrazzo produces a high gloss and sheen to complement any home decor.
Over time, polish and sealers begin to wear, and wax starts to yellow. Stains and other damage, such as gouges and scratches, may occur. In open areas, these spots will distract from the beauty of your floor. No matter what types of cleaning agents and home polishing or wax products you use, the effects of time will continue to increase.

With our services, it’s possible to restore terrazzo flooring to its original elegance. We utilize the latest procedures for stripping wax and then grinding out stained or damaged areas to produce spectacular results in less time. Proper techniques also mean less risk of further damage, especially etching that can occur with over-the-shelf products. After evaluating your floors, we will do our utmost to reduce or eliminate the appearance of stains and other signs of wear.

Most restorations involve honing the surface with specialty equipment. Next, we apply a sealer to repel moisture. A finishing polish provides the shine you expect from terrazzo. We can also recommend cleaners that you can use to maintain the beauty of your restored floor.

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